January 18, 2020: Major Project Outline

I am thinking of going with Option 2: My Personal Journey Into Media. Since I’m a list person, the following are steps I have completed/hoping to complete over the course of this project.

Educational Apps: SeeSaw and Flipgrid

I have used SeeSaw last year and this year. I mostly used it for parent communication and for posting student work. However, I have made using SeeSaw more frequently and to a greater capacity a goal for myself this year. After a conversation with my co-teachers, I realized my goal had definitely fallen to the wayside and this project sounds like a great way to get back into working toward that goal. A friend of mine uses Flipgrid in her classroom and was telling me about it a few months ago. Then we also used this app in class, so it has piqued my interest as it sounds like it is gaining some popularity.

Social Media Apps: Instagram and (maybe) Tik Tok

I have a personal Instagram account of my own, but only post and “like” pictures. Similar to SeeSaw, I don’t feel like I am using it to its full capacity. Since I do interact with this form of social media, I would like to learn about it and explore its Terms of Service. I am debating about exploring Tik Tok as well. My students have been talking about it constantly, so I am curious what the appeal is for kids in the grades 4/5 range and what they use it for/post.

My Final Product

My final product will essentially be a detailed blog post with links back to resources I have found, used, or created.

Topics to Explore of Each App

I am thinking of looking into the following aspects of each app and then writing a review on each.

  • Description of the App
  • Terms of Service
  • Platform
  • Privacy Implications
  • Educational Value/Use
  • Reflection of Personal Experiences with the App

What I have done so far:

  • Registered for Flipgrid PD
  • Looked into SeeSaw PD (PD In Your PJs)
  • Checked in with my principal about using Flipgrid in my classroom

Short Term Goals:

  • Sign up for SeeSaw PD
  • Create Parent Flipgrid note to send home with students
  • Look into Instagram information training sessions (if any exist)
  • Start using Flipgrid in the classroom by (latest) February 10
  • Decide on apps (to Tik Tok or not to Tik Tok)
  • Digital Citizenship Lessons (Common Sense Media has great resources and ideas)
  • I am also thinking about a possible visit from our school’s constable to chat with the kids and a parents’ night discussing digital citizenship.

Long Term Goals… So Far:

  • Detailed review of each app
  • Resources used for lessons on digital citizenship
  • Blog/Vlog of process week by week for documentation
  • Look into some of the research regarding Instagram

Things I’m Wondering About:

Please feel free to comment with your input!

  • Is it a good idea to do weekly blog/vlog updates on my project? Or will that become redundant?
  • I am thinking of having a detailed final blog post to showcase my project… Thoughts?
  • My principal told me I should send a permission note home with my students when using Flipgrid, as it involves the kids posting videos. My understanding is that the videos students make on Flipgrid simply go to my classroom account and kids can comment/watch each other videos, but the videos are not “out there” for people to view publicly. However, anyone who has the code could view the videos kids post. Flipgrid users– sound about right?
  • To Tik Tok or not to Tik Tok?

Right now, this is a smattering of ideas! I am curious to see what I find and how it all ends up coming together!

Thanks for reading/commenting!

7 thoughts on “January 18, 2020: Major Project Outline

  1. Unbelievable start! Love the list and how organized you are with your project outline. I am taking this route as well as I think there is an abundance to learn about a number of different Ed. Apps! I agree with your ideal of a weekly blog/vlog this will keep your progress and help you validate how far you have come! Great start can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Flipgrid is a great tool for sure many ways to use it kinda like the stick analogy from class. I haven’t use seesaw but have heard many great things about it mostly from elementary teachers and the connections you can make with parents. I think a weekly blog/vlog is a good idea. Sometimes you might have lots to say and other times not so much and that ok. Also gives you the chance for feedback to help take your journey in a direction you never thought before. Good luck.

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  3. Hey Leigh! You have a super clear outline! I think it’s a great idea to blog/vlog weekly to keep us up-to-date on what your learning and discovering for your project. Personally, I am very interested in learning more about Tik Tok but will probably be doing option 1 for the assignment so I would love to learn through your posts if you choose to include this! Good luck on your project but it sounds as though you have a pretty good idea of where you want to go with it! I look forward to following your learning along the way!

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  4. This is a very thorough outline of your project. I like the idea of incorporating your personal reflections of the apps into your final project. I think weekly updates will be a course requirement, but you could do it in a variety of ways (blog post, vlog, etc). I think having sort of a one-stop-shop blog post at the end of the project would be a great resource for educators- or maybe one post for each app and then a big summary post with links to each final post? (If that makes sense?)

    I’m curious about Flipgrid- my students haven’t posted anything yet, just explored the app. Are you with RPS? I wonder if I should also be sending home a letter to parents… I need to look into this! Thanks for bringing it up.

    TikTok- in my experience, kids are obsessed with it around that age. And I also didn’t fully understand why until I started exploring it, so it could be a fun addition to your project!

    Looking forward to following your progress!


    1. Hi Catherine! Thank you for your suggestion about the blog posts! I like the idea of having separate posts for each app and then a culminating post at the end with the links to each post. Thank you!

      Yes, I am with RPS. It depends what your principal thinks, but mine suggested a note or a permission slip of some sort because the kids are posting videos. Although it is private, anyone who has the grid code can view the grid. So you and your students will have access to the grid… I think that is how it works or how I have understood it from others who have used the app. If you discover anything otherwise, please let me know! I would imagine it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but it might be worth looking into!


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