January 25, 2020: Decisions, Decisions

Whenever I take on a large scale project, I am quick to come up with a plan. However, I am just as quick to completely change my plan (you should do a house renovation with me if you’re looking for a whirlwind adventure). That being said, I’ve made some changes to my original outline! After a conversation with my co-teachers regarding a social media and digital citizenship issue in our school, one of my co-teachers suggested creating a unit plan and teaching it to our Learning Community. The timing was too perfect– a change must be made to my Plan A! However, I still wanted to pursue aspects of my original plan. I still wanted to explore the possibilities of different apps for personal and educational use. Then I realized I could do a combination of both Option # 1 and Option # 2. I am still planning on researching two apps, using them, and creating a review about the apps, but will also create a unit plan around digital citizenship with my co-teachers. My unit plan will not be as extensive as the full version of Option # 1, as I am already researching and reviewing two other apps. However, I will share my unit plan, resources, and reflections throughout my project.

My current plan is to still research Flipgrid as an educational tool instead of SeeSaw and instead of researching Instagram, I decided to take a look at YouTube. I want to create an unlisted YouTube channel to gain some experience making vlogs. My vlog on YouTube will document my process throughout the duration of the project. My goal over the course of the semester is to improve my vlogs, as I don’t have much experience with this. Warning: The first one I create might be a little rough. The following is my new (and hopefully improved) outline/timeline!

Major Project: Personal Journey Into Media & Digital Citizenship Unit Plan

Apps (Social Media): YouTube
Apps (Educational): Flipgrid
– Final: Detailed blog post
– Detailed review of Flipgrid and YouTube
– Use a vlog along the way (unlisted YouTube channel) with a written blog
– A unit plan on digital citizenship

Flipgrid (February 17-March 2)
EXPERIENTIAL: Students will choose a simple skill to learn off of YouTube or their own inquiry. Students will provide updates on their progress learning this skill through weekly or daily grids on Flipgrid. For their final project, students will post their own instructional video on Flipgrid. On February 7, I will take a PD course in using Flipgrid. I would also like to explore assessment and commenting on this app as well.

YouTube (Jan. 27-Duration of Project)
EXPERIENTIAL: I will start an unlisted YouTube channel documenting my process of vlogging, implementing Flipgrid, and creating/teaching my unit plan on digital citizenship. I will be experiencing YouTube as a vlogging tool, but will also review other aspects of the app. I will create a vlog on a weekly basis throughout the duration of my project to reflect on my experiences. Since I find writing a helpful way for me to gather my ideas, I will also have a written piece to accompany my vlogs. You’ll find my vlogs or a link to my YouTube channel on my Major Project blog category.

Digital Citizenship Unit Plan (Beginning of March)
EXPERIENTIAL: This resource will be a complete unit plan. I will also reflect on my experience, not just creating the unit, but teaching it as well. The planning/teaching process will be documented through my YouTube vlog.
– A contributor’s page must be included to acknowledge the collaboration between my co-teachers and I.
-Consult the following resources: Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools, Ribble’s 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship, Digital Citizenship Continuum, Common Sense Media, and Be Internet Awesome.

I’ve also created a rough timeline of “to dos” throughout my project:


WEEK 20-26

  • Create/explore YouTube vlogging
  • Practice with camera to film vlogs
  • Do practice vlog
  • Begin planning unit for Flipgrid (“How To”) and Digital Citizenship (focus on completing “How To” unit)
  • Create Flipgrid permission note

WEEK 27-FEB. 3

  • Vlog update
  • Begin researching for reviews (YouTube and Flipgrid)
  • Create and send home Flipgrid note
  • Plan Units
  • Email Constable for a visit to chat with the kids about Digital Citizenship 


WEEK 4-10 

  • Begin using Flipgrid and “How To” unit with students
  • Continue researching/begin writing reviews on YouTube and Flipgrid
  • Vlog update 
  • Flipgrid PD (February 7)
  • Complete planning Digital Citizenship unit

WEEK 17-24 (Reading Week)

  • Write reviews (YouTube and Flipgrid)
  • Vlog update 
  • Blog Post: How the resources noted above helped my planning/connections I drew from using those documents to base my digital citizenship unit on

WEEK 25-MAR. 2

  • Continue teaching “How To” Unit (Due Date: March 6)
  • Start Digital Citizenship Unit
  • Vlog update
  • Continue writing reviews on apps

My project most likely won’t be wrapped up by March 2, as I’m positive I’ll encounter some hiccups along the way that push back my project, which is why I figured I’d try to leave March fairly open. I am also looking for some vlogs I could get into that would give me a good idea of what a vlog should do/look like. Recommendations? I would love any feedback or suggestions!

Thanks for reading and bearing with me while I figure out what I’m doing! I am looking forward to this new and exciting journey!


UPDATE: Check out my first vlog! I definitely need more practice editing videos and keeping my vlogs concise and “to the point.” However, here it is– I am open to suggestions/feedback!

4 thoughts on “January 25, 2020: Decisions, Decisions

  1. Hey Leigh! I love your detailed week-by-week plan you’ve made. I may go back to mine and add that in just to help me better organize my thoughts and give myself realistic goals! Thanks for sharing your indepth plan, I am excited to see where it takes you! I am also interested in learning how to create a ‘good’ vlog so I’d love to share some resources back and forth if you find anything and I will try to do the same!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah,

      I would love to swap some resources! I am still learning and have a long way to go, so I am open to any resources you stumble upon! I’ve updated this post by adding my first vlog. I talk a little bit about some different vloggers I’ve been looking at and what are some “tips” around creating a vlog!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember Alec saying last semester that the project is more about the process than just the final project. It sounds like you figured that out early!! Your project sounds very solid and is clear thanks to your detailed plan. Looking forward to following your progress

    Liked by 1 person

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