February 2, 2020: Progress Update #1

This is my first official blog update (accompanied by a vlog) to document my progress on my major project! You can watch my vlog at the end of my post… Again, any feedback would be very helpful!

Celebrate the little things, right?


Currently, my vlogs are unlisted on YouTube. This means that unless you have the link to a video I’ve created, you can’t see it and it is not listed on my channel. However, I would like my videos to show on my channel… So maybe I should make my videos public? Thoughts? Any suggestions, YouTube users? I’m also thinking of doing my vlogs bi-weekly, so I have more content to post and more time to film/edit. Quality over quantity! My progress so far with my review on YouTube isn’t too groundbreaking… YET. I’m still working on editing on iMovie, watching other vloggers/researching how to create vlogs, and getting comfortable talking in front of the camera! I’m also trying to think of more creative ways to relay my information in vlogs rather than me just talking. This week, I used a whiteboard to document my progress in a more visual fashion. I also included a video recording of my screen to walk you through my “How To…” unit using Flipgrid. This week, I’m hoping to start doing some research on YouTube and exploring the possibilities of it being used in the classroom.


This week, I’ve sent out the permission notes for using Flipgrid. If you’re looking for a pre-made note that explains Flipgrid to parents, click here. Super helpful! I’ve introduced our mini inquiry “How To…” unit to my students this week and they are pretty pumped! I’m already thinking I may need to make some adjustments to this unit as we start working through it, but hey, that’s part of the process! I’m already needing to adjust my timeline for this unit, as we have a pretty busy week coming up and I don’t think we will be able to start engaging with the app as soon as I was planning. I’m hoping the kids get a chance to at least make a practice post. My kids have been really into folding origami lately… By the end of this unit, I might be an origami folding pro! I am also hoping to start researching for my review of Flipgrid this week.


This week, I am hoping to put together a few lessons or (ideally) finish planning this unit! I have combed through some resources and have some ideas, but I think it is time to start organizing my thoughts! I was hoping to have our school’s constable speak to our Learning Community about online safety and digital citizenship, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. So, I am still on the pursuit of finding a guest speaker! This week, I conducted an impromptu online play vs offline play survey with my students. My co-teachers and I were discussing our statistics and probability outcomes in math and how we plan on tackling them. We decided to take this survey as a fun (and relevant) way to start off our digital citizenship unit. Next, the students will graph their results. As an extension activity, I would like to see which apps students engage with the most and why. I’ll be sure to inquire about YouTube, as it may be useful information for my project!


This coming week I plan to:
– Finish planning (hopefully) my digital citizenship unit
– Attend Flipgrid PD on Friday and ask any burning questions that come up throughout my research this week
– Start researching for my app reviews
– Begin Flipgrid “How To…” unit/have my students make some practice posts
– Continue practicing creating and editing my vlogs

I might be thinking a little too ambitious this week, but we will see where the process takes me!

Thanks for taking a read!


3 thoughts on “February 2, 2020: Progress Update #1

  1. This is so awesome! I am really and truly admiring your courage in creating the vlogs, something I would like to try but it feels quite intimidating still. As you mentioned in your blog post considering making these posts public – I think that really is up to you in that you’ll have to consider what your purpose is! These vlogs are a great way to update us and keep yourself on track (now I am considering how to do the same…). I am not sure what you should do along the way but I think as long as you share your findings or final products that will be awesome. I know many teacher’s including myself that would love to do an in depth analysis like what you have planned, but the time and (perceived) risk is daunting, so at least having access to your final outcome would be incredibly helpful.

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