November 28, 2021: …And That’s A Wrap!

Well folks… That’s it, that’s all! However, before I officially wrap it up, here’s a little background information on my Summary of Learning…

Since learning about Creative Commons licenses, I aimed to use the majority of my photos from this resource. In addition, Alec spoke to how humans shape tools and eventually the tools shape us. He made a reference to people taking pictures of notes and how this is not an effective use of a tool because it does not promote learning retention. This resonated with me because writing is such a huge part in how I learn and consolidate information. Bearing this in mind, I decided to do something that involved writing. Creating jot notes, symbols, and mind maps to showcase my learning this semester felt meaningful and came naturally when filming. Lastly, I love anything stationary related. I went out and bought myself a whiteboard and a multi-coloured Expo marker pack… Was this necessary? No. Did buying brightly coloured dry erase markers spark joy? Yes. In EC&I 833, I originally wanted to do a video like this. However, since the class was focused on educational technology, I felt it was more appropriate to create my summary using a tool I learned about in the class. For this summary, I was excited to put my original idea into action! The video looks pretty low tech, however, a significant amount of editing, filming, voice recording, and learning how to work my fiancé’s Canon M50 camera was a process. I had some knowledge on how to use the camera from EC&I 832, but it has been a while!

The conclusion of these classes are always a little bittersweet. I had so many artefacts of learning this semester I wanted to share, making it incredibly difficult to choose which pieces to highlight! Nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed this journey and the relationships I’ve gained throughout the course. It has been a pleasure learning alongside you all!

Now sit back, relax, and (hopefully) enjoy!

Until next time,


YouTube link

Summary of Learning Resources

9 thoughts on “November 28, 2021: …And That’s A Wrap!

  1. Job well done! Loved the video. It would have taken a lot of work but it was a great way to summarize the learning experience we had in this class. I have always enjoyed taking classes with you. Best of luck with the rest of your journey!

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  2. You have done a fantastic job here, Leigh. I really enjoyed how you mapped out your learning journey in EC&I 831. I liked how you mentioned the change to being content creators and the ideas surrounding online collaboration.

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  3. OMG! YES! I love how you used a picture of yourself from back in the day. I like how you went outside of your comfort zone and tried something new. Even though you mentioned it being “low tech” I think that you did a very good job of it and executed it terrifically! Good luck on the very last course of your degree next semester! 🙂

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  4. You do an excellent job summarizing all the great topics and tools brought forward throughout the course. I have learned alot from all your thoughtful insights! Thank you for all your questions, ideas and comments along the way!

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  5. Thank you so much for the kind comments! I enjoyed making this one and reflecting on my experience. I am looking forward to checking out your projects and summaries of learning as well!


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