October 17, 2021: Learning Project Update # 2

Okay. I’ve set some pretty lofty goals and I need to scale it down. Classic Leigh. I’ve also learned something new about myself. I’m more interested in learning about the education, culture, and community surrounding deafness more than I am about ASL. I’ve learned so much about deaf culture over the past few weeks, IContinue reading “October 17, 2021: Learning Project Update # 2”

October 3, 2021: Learning Project Update #1

Over the past two weeks, I’ve finally started making some headway! It has been a process learning ASL, organizing interviews, and trying to soak in as much information as I can in an efficient (and effective) manner. Now that I’ve got the ball rolling, I’m starting to feel a little more confident in the directionContinue reading “October 3, 2021: Learning Project Update #1”

September 25, 2021: I Caved… I’m on the Tik Tok.

I had so much hesitancy about getting TikTok, yet it always intrigued me and I enjoyed watching them. When we were assigned to experiment with a social media platform that is somewhat, “uncharted territory” for us, TikTok seemed like a pretty solid option. In addition to my budding curiosity, TikTok has had multiple mentions inContinue reading “September 25, 2021: I Caved… I’m on the Tik Tok.”

September 19, 2021: The Learning Project Outline

I’m one of those people who get a bunch of ideas in their brain (due to excitement), then begin to overthink everything and my brain turns into a hamster stuck on a wheel. That is how I’m feeling with The Learning Project already… In a good way! I am very enthusiastic about my topic, mainlyContinue reading “September 19, 2021: The Learning Project Outline”

September 12, 2021: My Relationship with Social Media and its Evolution

A Brief History… Until I began taking more classes with Alec, I did not really understand what constituted as social media. I understood the basics such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but I did not realize I had been using social media much longer than I had originally thought. My most significant memory of myContinue reading “September 12, 2021: My Relationship with Social Media and its Evolution”

November 22, 2020: Assistive Technology Experiences, Challenges, and Successes

The first time I had ever interacted with assistive technology (AT) that would be considered “high tech” was in my second year of teaching. I had a student who had a record of adaptations (ROA) and his main challenges were around reading and writing. He struggled expressing his ideas on paper and typing was somewhatContinue reading “November 22, 2020: Assistive Technology Experiences, Challenges, and Successes”

November 7, 2020: Quizizz vs Kahoot

I’ve tried Kahoot and Flipgrid as a student and as an educator. These tools are engaging and offer another way to formatively (or in some cases summatively) assess the learning of students. However, these tools are so widely used. Something I appreciated about this week’s presentation by Dalton, Matt, and Trevor is that they allContinue reading “November 7, 2020: Quizizz vs Kahoot”

November 1, 2020: The Social Web Pros and Cons

I remember getting my MSN account and hotmail email in 2004 when I was in grade 5 (side note: I still use this email). My mom was very wary of this “chat room” (as she liked to call it). However, being the youngest of my siblings, she had some knowledge of this new phenomena fromContinue reading “November 1, 2020: The Social Web Pros and Cons”

October 24, 2020: Teaching from Afar in a World that Craves Connection

I was looking for some inspiration to get the ball rolling on this blog post, so I started by looking up some funny quotes about how emergency online/distance learning was going. Here are some of my favourites: Needless to say, I think most people got off to a rocky start. At the time, I hadContinue reading “October 24, 2020: Teaching from Afar in a World that Craves Connection”

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