December 2, 2021: The Learning Project Summary

As always, I am shocked that the semester came to an end so quickly! When I embarked on my learning project, I felt as though I had all of the time in the world. With that being said, I still feel like there are more facets to explore regarding ASL and Deaf culture. Nonetheless, IContinue reading “December 2, 2021: The Learning Project Summary”

November 29, 2021: A Small Update Before the Finale!

Well, folks this is my final update! My Learning Project has been more of a journey, than a destination. My goal was quite broad, as I wasn’t quite sure where my project would take me. Although this is my final post, I still feel like I am not ready to be finished! There are soContinue reading “November 29, 2021: A Small Update Before the Finale!”

November 14, 2021: Learning Project Update # 4

It’s been another busy two weeks since my last post! I’m slowly starting to bring my project to a close because our last class is only two weeks away… Anyone else thinking they should probably start working on their Summary of Learning Project…? Nonetheless, it’s a little bittersweet realizing that this project is wrapping up.Continue reading “November 14, 2021: Learning Project Update # 4”

October 31, 2021: Learning Project Update # 3

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to mainly focus on my ASL skills, creating a Wakelet with my resources, and continue to watch Deaf U and listening to Seen and Not Heard. I was also hoping to show a little more learning retention by practicing the skills I’ve already learned, such asContinue reading “October 31, 2021: Learning Project Update # 3”

October 17, 2021: Learning Project Update # 2

Okay. I’ve set some pretty lofty goals and I need to scale it down. Classic Leigh. I’ve also learned something new about myself. I’m more interested in learning about the education, culture, and community surrounding deafness more than I am about ASL. I’ve learned so much about deaf culture over the past few weeks, IContinue reading “October 17, 2021: Learning Project Update # 2”

October 3, 2021: Learning Project Update #1

Over the past two weeks, I’ve finally started making some headway! It has been a process learning ASL, organizing interviews, and trying to soak in as much information as I can in an efficient (and effective) manner. Now that I’ve got the ball rolling, I’m starting to feel a little more confident in the directionContinue reading “October 3, 2021: Learning Project Update #1”

September 19, 2021: The Learning Project Outline

I’m one of those people who get a bunch of ideas in their brain (due to excitement), then begin to overthink everything and my brain turns into a hamster stuck on a wheel. That is how I’m feeling with The Learning Project already… In a good way! I am very enthusiastic about my topic, mainlyContinue reading “September 19, 2021: The Learning Project Outline”

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