April 4, 2020: Major Project Reflection… and Some Poetry

Well, it has been quite the semester! Definitely one to remember. Aside from the major changes that are happening in our professional and personal lives, I feel that I have learned SO much this semester. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been as prepared as I was for these changes without the knowledge andContinue reading “April 4, 2020: Major Project Reflection… and Some Poetry”

March 21, 2020: Major Project Update #5

Wow. It has been an eventful two weeks. Between teacher sanctions last week and the COVID-19 school closures, my head feels like it’s spinning! I am feeling extra grateful for taking this course as a creative outlet and to connect with such an amazing group of people! Along with the imminent (and major) changes inContinue reading “March 21, 2020: Major Project Update #5”

March 7, 2020: Project Update #4 and Digital Citizenship in Schools

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time passes. We are already a month out from our final class… Where did the time go?! With that being said, over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my major project and how I plan on summarizing my learnings at the end ofContinue reading “March 7, 2020: Project Update #4 and Digital Citizenship in Schools”

February 17, 2020: Update & Vlog #3… Here we go!

I finally feel like I’ve started getting somewhere with my major project! The planning and organizing of all these different ideas and reworking initial plans has taken a lot of time! However, that being said, I still have lots that needs to be accomplished… My vlog this week was essentially a detailed update on everythingContinue reading “February 17, 2020: Update & Vlog #3… Here we go!”

February 10, 2020: Progress Update #2

Digital citizenship. Being respectful online. Simple enough, right? Prior to taking this class, that was my understanding of digital citizenship. I didn’t realize all of the different layers that go into being a digital citizen. Ribble’s Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship has been very helpful in breaking these layers down and incorporating them into myContinue reading “February 10, 2020: Progress Update #2”

February 2, 2020: Progress Update #1

This is my first official blog update (accompanied by a vlog) to document my progress on my major project! You can watch my vlog at the end of my post… Again, any feedback would be very helpful! YOUTUBE UPDATE Currently, my vlogs are unlisted on YouTube. This means that unless you have the link toContinue reading “February 2, 2020: Progress Update #1”

January 25, 2020: Decisions, Decisions

Whenever I take on a large scale project, I am quick to come up with a plan. However, I am just as quick to completely change my plan (you should do a house renovation with me if you’re looking for a whirlwind adventure). That being said, I’ve made some changes to my original outline! AfterContinue reading “January 25, 2020: Decisions, Decisions”

January 18, 2020: Major Project Outline

I am thinking of going with Option 2: My Personal Journey Into Media. Since I’m a list person, the following are steps I have completed/hoping to complete over the course of this project. Educational Apps: SeeSaw and Flipgrid I have used SeeSaw last year and this year. I mostly used it for parent communication andContinue reading “January 18, 2020: Major Project Outline”

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