March 26, 2022: Module # 2 & The Prototype Process

Well, we are finally nearing the end of our major project! Having the experience of remote learning under my belt due to the pandemic was actually somewhat helpful when designing my prototype. I entered this course with some background knowledge of Google Classroom, Google Meets, and creating assignments virtually. Of course, I wouldn’t say IContinue reading “March 26, 2022: Module # 2 & The Prototype Process”

March 13, 2022: Reviewing the Feedback!

Throughout the creation of my first module, I kept asking myself, “Am I doing this right? What’s everyone else doing?” Having the opportunity to explore my colleagues’ modules and review two of them was challenging, but certainly a worthwhile endeavour. It prompted me to draw from what I have learned about blended learning, but alsoContinue reading “March 13, 2022: Reviewing the Feedback!”

March 2, 2022: Module # 1

Thanks for popping by to check out my course shell and first module! Like many of us, this is my first time designing a course with blended learning in mind. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback to further improve my course! Course Walk Through & Some Other Details Since Google Classroom doesn’t allow otherContinue reading “March 2, 2022: Module # 1”

February 13, 2022: Connection… The Key to Building Community

During intermittent remote learning from 2020-2021, I think most educators were just barely keeping their heads above water. Making sure lessons and meetings were planned, the assignments being posted worked/troubleshooting what didn’t, and simply learning the basics of remote learning to deliver some kind of content seemed to be the main priorities. In the springContinue reading “February 13, 2022: Connection… The Key to Building Community”

January 30, 2022: Course Profile

Okay. I think I have finally settled on a unit/topic I would like to explore for my major project. It was tricky making this decision because I could see the potential of many subject areas to pursue! I narrowed down my options to my favourite areas to teach: science and novel studies. I love theContinue reading “January 30, 2022: Course Profile”

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