March 2, 2022: Module # 1

Thanks for popping by to check out my course shell and first module! Like many of us, this is my first time designing a course with blended learning in mind. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback to further improve my course!

Course Walk Through & Some Other Details

Since Google Classroom doesn’t allow other visitors, I’ve provided a screencast of what my course shell looks like. In my video, I’ve shown all attachments. However, I’ve also included them below as well to keep everything in one place for easier viewing… Well, hopefully it is easier! In my screencast, I explain how I envision this course working in a flipped classroom setting and its various components.

Course Screencast

As you review my first module, I want to mention a few things…

  • I created all of the five instructional videos for the weekly task roles, as I felt it would offer a more comprehensive overview of my course. They are almost like “mini modules.”
  • Don’t feel like you need to watch all of the videos in full, as some of them are read alouds and can take up to 20-30 minutes to listen to. My recommendation is to hop around to get a sampling of each video. I used Ed. Puzzle to add comprehension checks to these videos, so you should be able to see how I’ve used this tool.

Student Instructions for Module # 1 and video

Assessment: Flipgrid Rubric, Book Clubs Rubric, and Self Assessment (see photos below)

Flipgrid: Introduction Post and Book Club Meeting Reflection # 1

Book Club Rotations and Other Information: Rotation Schedule (see photo below) and What’s a Book Club?

Book Club Rotation Schedule Template

Flat Stanley: Read Aloud (Ed. Puzzle)

Flat Stanley Weekly Roles (adapted): Discussion Director, Connector, Plot Profiler, Illustrator, and Word Wizard

Wonder: Read Aloud (Ed. Puzzle)

Restart: Read Aloud (Ed. Puzzle)

Wonder and Restart Weekly Roles: Discussion Director, Connector, Plot Profiler, Illustrator, and Word Wizard

Instructional Videos for Book Club Roles: Discussion Director, Connector, Plot Profiler, Illustrator, and Word Wizard

References and Teacher Materials: Weekly Task Checklist and References

The link in my references may not work unless you are a Regina Public Schools employee, so I’ve included a screenshot.

Areas of Improvement…

As I worked my way through this assignment, I found myself questioning some parts. That being said, peer feedback is a great opportunity to gain some insight!

  • My instruction modules on each book club task… What are some other ways I can “jazz” these up (e.g.: some kind of tool) or (if you have taught these concepts before) how have you done it?
  • If you have taught in a flipped classroom environment before, do you think what I’ve set out to do is realistic? I usually bite off more than I can chew!
  • Was everything easily accessible? Did any links not work on my blog that you noticed?

Thank you for your feedback… Every bit helps!

Until next time,


8 thoughts on “March 2, 2022: Module # 1

  1. Wow, Leigh! This is very detailed and thorough. You’re making the rest of us look bad! Lol. I also had a hard time deciding how much content to include and where to draw the line with creating videos for students to watch vs independent learning. This is a great resource for you to use in the future… whether in a classroom or teaching remotely! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dalton,

      Thanks for the comment! My hope is to use it or at least parts of it in the future! It was difficult narrowing down the content limit, as you never know how students will respond! I think this course will change dramatically depending on my learners!


  2. Hi Leigh,

    Your module is layed out so well! I love that you used a combination of videos and print to intructions. It’s also great that you have posted the rubics for reference. Also, your use of Google Forms for self assessment is a quick and easy way to do that.
    Your Flipgrip links worked well from Google Classroom. My links weren’t that seamless. I would appreciate your help with that sometime.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment, Laurie! You bet– getting those links into Google Classroom was pretty simple! Happy to help anytime!


  3. As always Leigh…. AMAZING!!
    It is so detailed for educators and for the students!
    Everything is easily acessible and hits a variety of different skill levels!
    Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment, Brooke! I’m glad everything was easily accessible. I was aiming to meet a variety of learning needs! Although it may differ in practice, it is a start!


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